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We’ll take Berlin!!! (in the spirit of Leonard Cohen)

Saturday, April 27, 2013 | Posted in Attending, Inspiration

Lynne Meisner and I headed off to Berlin for the Qual 360 Conference on Online Qualitative. We met up with fellow-QRCAer Ilka Kuhagen, who facilitated a thought-provoking World Café session on Best Practices in Online Qualitative. She also led a valuable session on methods of optimizing communication in the absence of non-verbal cues in an online environment.

There were client/supplier presentations from the US, EU and UAE, along with many thoughtful insights and discussions of the unique challenges and opportunities of online qual. True idea-sharing and interaction were the themes of the conference – much like QRCA events.

After two intense days of meeting and mingling with our global counterparts, we set off to explore Berlin and environs. The city is truly a tapestry of history with glimpses into pre-war, wartime and cold war conditions, all within a very hip and vibrant modernity. It’s a true mosaic that is hard to describe, and wonderful to visit.