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Tuesday, August 26, 2014 | Posted in Discoveries, Engagements

Across many products and categories we have done in-situ work to deepen insights and engage participants. Some examples:


  • On casino buses and gambling floors to explore problem gambling
  • In an exclusive women’s club to facilitate open discussions on femininity and sexuality
  • In sports bars/man caves/at hockey games to understand sports betting
  • In coffee shops, bistros, book stores, at breakfast tables and on the go to understand the coffee culture
  • In sheds, garages, basements and other spaces where men feel safe about opening up
  • In countless grocery stores to develop shopper insights around food, food preparation and storage, cleaning, laundry, waste disposal etc.
  • In department and design stores to understand path to purchase and impacts of store design
  • In malls, movie theatres, restaurants and work places for various on the go products with subtle and seemingly random usage patterns
  • In kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, laundry rooms to intimately understand behaviours and beliefs
  • In all places electronic to explore media consumption and the changing nature of entertainment
  • In industrial kitchens for mass workshops and ideation


All were picked to bring realism to the topic at hand. However, keeping an open mind and constantly looking for new and relevant venues is key.

So what’s next?


Actual, literal, physical Gamification!

We’ll be holding our next association event in an Escape Game setting. Put 8 people in a closed dark room/vault/abandoned subway tunnel and see if they can decipher the clues to get out in less than an hour. We’ll see how it sharpens senses, problem solving and collaboration skills, and whether it will be our next new venue for in depth research and ideation. Let the games begin!