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Implementing Ideas from Berlin

Sunday, June 30, 2013 | Posted in Discoveries

I put some of the great learning from the Qual 360 Conference in Berlin to good use in a recent online initiative.

The study delved into the world of shopping – the delights and the disappointments. We started with an online board for 5 days, using storytelling and an intrepid journalistic assignment– sending respondents into the field to visit and chronicle experiences with key players in the market. Projectives, stripped down into black-and-white metaphoric tablets, led to some wonderful insights into the deeply entrenched relationships underlying the current impressions of many of this country’s leading retailers.

Not only did some of the tips and techniques from the conference get implemented, but I also tried out a new online provider – Visions Live. This international player is relatively new to North America but their forum and their service are stellar.  Their interface is intuitive, and their white board allowed for a relatively complex exercise to be delivered simply. Will definitely be using them again … ideally for an upcoming MROC, where the topic will be highly sensitive and the respondents are likely to be volatile.

Hats off to professional development and some of the great conferences available to keep us all inspired and informed.