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Friday, February 14, 2014 | Posted in Discoveries

Have I mentioned how much I love ethnography?

Not the hours or the loss of weekends, but the depth of exploration and the revelation of true insights into the subconscious core of human behaviour.

Ethnography is a key element in genuine Discovery Work – going into homes and favourite spaces to truly see and understand what makes people tick. I was thrilled when a client asked me to focus these techniques on the Millennial cohort. Their goal was to mine the depths of Millennial values, beliefs, motivations, hopes and dreams. So in late January, amid one of our worst winters, we set out to excavate the deep recesses of the Millennial heart and mind.

The glimpse into the lives of Millennials is both endearing and alarming. This generation holds such promise, yet it faces a unique set of challenges born out of abundance and advances in technology unheard of in previous generations. Exploring their public optimism is fairly straightforward, but delayering the levels of deeply held beliefs, aspirations and buried fears takes time and expertise. Subtle probes and enabling techniques are essential in exploring this superficially public cohort and for moving into what lies in the space far beyond the public eye.

Deadlines were tight, but video captures, iconic storytelling, and sharing of clear insights and opportunities left clients excited for the next phase of research – quantification.