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The Bluebird Café

Monday, October 28, 2013 | Posted in Engagements, Inspiration

Just returned from speaking at TMRE in Nashville with a strong feeling of being connected to a great industry … literally ‘connected’ thanks to Jane McGonigal who joined the crowd of 1000 or so through a massive multi-player thumb wrestling game!

There were surprises at this conference that transcended its sheer size:

  • The number of new connections made through synchronicity and shared stories.
  • The talent of the speakers including Malcolm Gladwell who shared the flight home with us.
  • The fabulous musicians across the many venues including the famous Bluebird Café.
  • Even the first hand virtual reality experience of how your brain and nervous system respond to terrifying feats – yes I did step off into the ‘virtual pit’ despite a long standing fear of heights. See the Vine taken by LRW for the quick and funny play by play of me ‘walking the plank’ and stepping into ‘the pit’.

The genuine connections with old friends and new, as well as the inspiration from the stage set the tone for both upcoming projects and grander life projects on the horizon.