Dine Discoveries

What our clients say

The best discoveries are the ones we make as a team

We don’t try to be all things to all people, and frankly, our approach is not for everyone. We do find that the best, most mutually satisfying outcomes result from a shared perspective, the desire to approach challenges together, and the confidence to go beyond preconceived notions with a spirit of adventure!

Here’s what our clients say about us:

“Catherine Dine has an ability to engage and encourage respondents into authentic and deep sharing. This enables her to identify insights and opportunities based on often-buried emotional needs.”

Tracy Stone, As Director, Market Research & Competitive Insights,
Rogers Communications

“Catherine’s strategic prowess and ability to translate insight into action make her an integral asset to our organization’s insight function. Moreover, her extensive experience combined with exceptional business acumen facilitate her ability to effortlessly consult across the diverse portfolio of Clorox brands. She is a gifted researcher, committed partner and great fun to work with!”

Chris Budinszky, As Director of Global Insights and Shopper Marketing,
The Clorox Company of Canada

“I have had the absolute pleasure of working with Catherine since 2006.  While at Kraft Foods, I first worked with Catherine on the Nabob coffee business where we had a significant brand challenge. Catherine developed a 3-phased, national research program that yielded significant insights that ultimately led to the repositioning of Nabob. Since repositioning, Nabob sustained strong growth. I then moved on to Clorox and asked Catherine to come work with me in my division and, yet again, her approach, passion for the consumer and ability to tease out meaningful insights led us to take the #1 share position in Household Cleaning!  I am now at Maple Leaf Consumer Foods and will look to work with Catherine again. I fully endorse Catherine as a wonderful person and business partner, and her level of expertise and professionalism really is unrivalled. A full 5 stars!”

Davide Viola, As category business unit lead,
Maple Leaf Consumer Foods

“Catherine is an exceptional researcher and moderator. She is in a class by herself in the industry. Her knowledge of research methodologies and her experience across multiple industries makes her an invaluable resource. I wouldn’t lead a major initiative without her guidance and input.”

Imran Ilahi, As VP Marketing,
FT Ross, and formerly The Clorox Company of Canada

 “Yahoo! Canada has worked with Catherine Dine to better position Yahoo! in the Canadian online marketplace. Specifically, Catherine has utilized multi-faceted qualitative approaches using in-home ethnographic sessions, mini groups, workshops and strategic thinking to provide better insights into the underlying values of why a consumer uses the internet in their daily lives and what role Yahoo! could play. With these insights and our internal data, we were able to develop brand and product strategies that greatly improved traffic to Yahoo! Canada.”

Kevin Clowes, As Market Research Manager,
Yahoo! Canada

“When we want strategically sound research that will impact our decision-making, we seek out Catherine Dine. Catherine is highly knowledgeable about research techniques and designs according to the business issue and information need. There’s no cookie cutter approach with Catherine. She listens  – to the client to understand the business and information need, and to the respondent – to understand the dynamic between the consumer and product/service. Catherine provides actionable answers – clearly articulating the path to achieving the business objective. Most important – Catherine achieves all this as a partner and team player.”

Fran Greenbaum, As Manager Consumer Research,
Canadian Tire