Dine Discoveries

A Cracker Crumbled

New way of looking at an old brand


A packaged goods client sought to further explore insights previously identified in focus groups. They wanted more information to flesh out their understanding of how consumers used their product, examine the brand lexicon, and probe the deeper relationships between consumers and this well-established brand.


We designed an ethnographic methodology with field observations of brand usage in-home followed by in-depth personal interviews to gather a wealth of information on the history of product use, the spectrum of current uses for the product, and feelings and attitudes regarding the product, including any suggestions for improving or increasing variety within the category


New learning emerged from the interview method that had not been revealed in the traditional focus group setting – a connection to the brand that was rooted in memory and only sheepishly admitted once we built trust with the respondents.


Footage distilled from the interviews was used to support the recommendation that a repositioning of the brand was needed. This was foundational to refreshing and focusing advertising. The modern spin on a traditional and deeply ritualized brand revitalized brand image – and sales!