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Depths Plumbed

The fundamentals of happiness


OLG wanted to increase the relevance of Lotto 6/49 – particularly to non-core players. To do this, the meaning of the target’s lives and their happiness had to be understood on all levels – rational, emotional and aspirational.


A three-hour, in-home anthropological exploration generated an intimate portrait of the consumer through observations of their lifestyle and surroundings, and interviews concerning of their needs, experiences, and dreams.


Throughout this process, consumer values and beliefs were revealed. From this depth of observation it became clear that a more positive positioning was needed, one that lived higher up the needs hierarchy … imagining the freedom was no longer relevant for those who had already found freedom!


Exploring the fundamentals of happiness led ultimately to the current and very successful creative for Lotto 6/49 – Cloud 6/49. The campaign has been recalled well above norm levels, and can be sourced back to having captured an intrinsic creative mnemonic, which transcended creative expression, and resonated across a multi-generational business target.