Dine Discoveries

Envelopes Pushed

Women’s sexuality understood


A well-known consumer packaged goods company decided to develop a unique viewpoint in their marketing and needed to understand the sexual needs of women for one of its intimate products.


This type of research usually requires one-on-one interviews to encourage openness. In this case, we knew dynamic group conversations would be the perfect incubators for ideas that would pave the way into new territory.

Intimate, three-hour ethnographic sessions were conducted during dinner and wine in the “safe space” of a private meeting room at a high-end women’s club. The unique feel of the room, the quality of the food and service, and the bonds that formed among the women and the moderator made for quick sisterhood, fun and exciting discussions, and a great response to the creative exercises and props!


The group conversation brought out the creativity and ideation required to evolve this product’s exciting brand character. Importantly, we learned how the target audience talked about sexuality with others.


The foundational and creative learnings from these sessions have been incorporated into the brand character as well as the advertising and promotional programs.