Dine Discoveries

The Future is Now

Probing the universe for technology


How can a think-forward organization in the technology sector identify – now – what their customers, and new ones, will be lining up for in the future? How can they predict tangible product and service offerings – or those yet undiscovered – to take them through the fast-paced and gruelingly competitive changes in their industry? Technology needs time to build, and it’s not news that it’s easy to be left behind.


A multi-phase approach was designed using ethnography, online bulletin boards and quantitative concept and positioning testing.

In Phase 1, ethnography, conducted in-home, was used to uncover poorly articulated and unmet needs through behavioural observation of technology usage, and need assessment explored pain points and wish lists.

Findings were formulated into product and positioning concept statements that addressed unmet needs and wish list dimensions. The language used to convey these concepts and the articulation of benefits were further refined in on-line bulletin boards to provide insights from across the country.

In Phase 2, a quantitative survey to measure reactions to a range of alternative concepts and analyze reach was used to explore optimal strategy, positioning and product offerings.

Given the breadth of the survey and the need for a clear understanding of the drivers of the concept ratings, flash tools were used to annotate concept drivers, including an optimizer tool capturing what resonated with participants and what did not.

Split sampling was used for added breadth and engagement exercises were used to enhance quality by impressing upon the participants how their answers would impact the future and by ensuring that understanding of the concepts was complete.


Simply stated, our findings have informed directions for new product development and identified ways of positioning next-generation technology to fulfill unmet and long-term needs. As for “The Future is Now,” the tangible results of some of the insights from this research are rolling out now and in the not-so-distant future!


Only time will tell!